Dissertation Defenses

  • March 5
  • Morgan Ellithorpe, Communication
    Prejudice formation and stereotype internalization from media: A deliberative moral judgment perspective
    Advisor: David Ewoldsen
  • March 6
  • Amani Bu-Qammaz, Civil Engineering
    Risk Management Model for International Public Construction Joint Venture Projects in Kuwait
    Advisor: Fabian Tan
  • March 9
  • Seth Goss, East Asian Lang and Lit
    The roles of learner-internal and experience-based factors on the perceptual acquisition of lexical pitch accent by Japanese learners
    Advisor: Mineharu Nakayama
  • Jonathan Jensen, Kinesiology
    The Path to Global Sport Sponsorship Success: An Event History Analysis Modeling Approach
    Advisor: Brian Turner
  • March 10
  • You Ziying, East Asian Lang and Lit
    Competing Traditions: Village Temple Rivalries, Social Actors, and Contested Narratives in Contemporary China
    Advisor: Mark Bender
  • Yuxuan Wang, Computer Science & Engineering
    Supervised Monaural Speech Separation Using Deep Neural Networks
    Advisor: DeLiang Wang
  • Caroline Dorfman, Psychology
    Social support, health, and recurrent breast cancer: Understanding psychological and biological mechanisms
    Advisor: Barbara Andersen
  • March 11
  • Soumya Mohan, Welding Engineering
    Understanding low temperature impact toughness of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel submerged arc welds
    Advisor: John Lippold
  • Xiaohui Wang, Mathematics
    Singularity Theory of Strategy Functions Under Dimorphism Equivalence
    Advisor: Martin Golubitsky
  • Xining Yang, Geography
    Exploring the World with Volunteered Geographic Information: Space, Place and People
    Advisor: Daniel Sui
  • Yang Wang, History of Art
    Regionalizing National Art in Maoist China: The Chang’an School of Ink Painting, 1942–1976
    Advisor: Julia Andrews
  • March 12
  • Isaac Ligocki, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Expanding Scales of Influence: Behavioral, Physiological, and Reproductive Implications of Relative Power within Social Groups
    Advisor: Ian Hamilton
  • Adrian Tan, Civil Engineering
    While Stands the Colosseum: A Ground-Up Exploration of Ancient Roman Construction Techniques using Virtual Reality
    Advisor: Frank Croft
  • March 13
  • Casey Davis, Statistics
    A Bayesian Approach to Prediction and Variable Selection Using Nonstationary Gaussian Processes
    Advisor: Christopher Hans
  • Dustin Carnahan, Political Science
    Why Motivations Matter: Information-Processing Goals and Their Implications for Selective Exposure to Political Information
    Advisor: Thomas Nelson
  • Yin Huai, Computer Science & Engineering
    Building High Performance Data Analytics Systems based on Scale-out Models
    Advisor: Xiaodong Zhang
  • March 16
  • Seth Wiener, East Asian Lang and Lit
    The Representation, Organization and Access of Lexical Tone by Native and Nonnative Mandarin Speakers
    Advisor: Marjorie Chan
  • March 17
  • Marie Hurt, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Investigating the Intersection of School Structure and Teacher Leadership: A Mixed-Methods Study
    Advisor: Anika Anthony
  • March 23
  • Shaina Ervin, Kinesiology
    Exploring the Career Needs of Intercollegiate Head Coaches: A Kaleidoscope Career Perspective
    Advisor: Donna Pastore
  • March 24
  • Umar Abdullah, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Learning through Teacher Professional Training: English Teacher Certification Program in Indonesia
    Advisor: Keiko Samimy
  • March 25
  • Dimitry Mezhvinsky, Economics
    Essays in Microeconomic Theory and Behavioral Economics
    Advisor: John Kagel
  • March 27
  • Cecily Hill, English
    Formal Education: Early Children's Genres, Gender, and the Realist Novel
    Advisor: Robyn Warhol
  • April 2
  • Helong Zhao, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Hit the Brake Pedal for Multiple Human Diseases: Roles of Slit-Robo Signaling in Pathogenesis of HIV-1 Infection, Vascular Endothelial Inflammation and Breast Cancer
    Advisor: Ramesh Ganju
  • Wan-Zu Chang, Speech and Hearing Science
    Effects of Visual Stimuli on Decision-Making Capacity on End-of-Life Care of People with Dementia
    Advisor: Michelle Bourgeois
  • April 3
  • Julia Istomina, English
    Property, Mobility, and Epistemology in U.S. Women of Color Detective Fiction
    Advisor: Linda Mizejewski
  • April 7
  • Aparna Lakshmanan, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Advisor: Sissy Jhiang
  • April 8
  • Lindsay Mouchet, Philosophy
    Doxastic Control and Responsibility
    Advisor: Declan Smithies
  • April 9
  • Jinwook Seong, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Inhibition of Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking of Sensitized AA5083
    Advisor: Gerald Frankel
  • April 10
  • James R Carter, Social Work
    Exploring staff perspectives about interpersonal relationships among persons in assisted living settings in Franklin County, Ohio: A pilot study.
    Advisor: Holly Dabelko
  • April 15
  • Chao Yang, Economics
    Social Interactions under Incomplete Information: Games, Equilibrium, and Expectations
    Advisor: Lung-Fei Lee
  • Korie Amberger, Economics
    Sectoral Reallocation and Information Economics
    Advisor: Julia Thomas
  • Xue Wu, Economics
    Student Loan Debt: Causes and Consequences
    Advisor: Lucia Dunn
  • April 27
  • Adrienne Winans, History
    Race, Space, and Gender: Re-mapping Chinese America from the Margins, 1875-1943
    Advisor: Judy Wu

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