Dissertation Defenses

  • April 20
  • Carlos Del Rio, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Remodeling of Myocardial Passive Electrical Properties: Insights into the Mechanisms of Malignant Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death
    Advisor: Bradley Clymer
  • April 21
  • Jinsoo Ahn, OSU Nutrition Program
    Advisor: Kichoon Lee
  • Tatsuro Senga, Economics
    Essays on Aggregate Fluctuations with Micro Heterogeneity
    Advisor: Aubhik Khan
  • Mark Boonshoft, History
    Creating a 'Civilized Nation': Religion, Social Capital, and the Cultural Foundations of Early American State Formation
    Advisor: John Brooke
  • Seung-Hyun Ko, Industrial and Systems Eng
    Selecting Best Compromises among Performance Measures during In-Mold Coating of Sheet Molding Compound Compression Molding Parts
    Advisor: Jose Castro
  • April 22
  • Nicole Nieto, Women's Studies
    Recipes, Recover and Rebuilding: Cookbooks in Post-Katrina New Orleans
    Advisor: Linda Mizejewski
  • April 23
  • Kate White, Slavic&East Euro Langs&Cltrs
    Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition in Context
    Advisor: Ludmila Isurin
  • Emily Durham, Food, Agri & Biological Eng
    Moderate Electric Field Treatment for Saccharification of Cellulosic Materials
    Advisor: Sudhir Sastry
  • April 24
  • Di Luo, History
    Chinaís Literacy Myth, Narratives and Practices, 1904-1949
    Advisor: Christopher Reed
  • Jaideep Banerjee, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Oxygen-sensitive and redox drivers of tissue repair
    Advisor: Chandan Sen
  • Shannon Hollars, Psychology
    Examination of the Skills of Cognitive Therapy for Depression: Evaluating Specificity and Prediction of Differential Response in Cognitive and Behavioral Treatments
    Advisor: Daniel Strunk
  • April 27
  • Timothy Thurston, East Asian Lang and Lit
    Laughter on the Grassland: A Diachronic Study of A mdo Tibetan Comedy and the Public Intellectual in Western China
    Advisor: Mark Bender
  • Xiang Chen, Materials Sci and Engineering
    From Nano-precipitates to Macroscale Composites: How Inclusion-Matrix Interactions Influence the Behaviors of Shape Memory Materials and Structures
    Advisor: Peter Anderson
  • Adrienne Winans, History
    Race, Space, and Gender: Re-mapping Chinese America from the Margins, 1875-1943
    Advisor: Judy Wu
  • Alicia Croft, Sociology
    Assessing Non-school and School Based Explanations of Student Achievement: A Case Study of Finland and Sweden
    Advisor: Douglas Downey
  • Aseim Elfrgani, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Non-Foster Circuits Design and Stability for Wideband Antenna Applications
    Advisor: Roberto Rojas-Teran
  • Hyejeong Choi, History of Art
    Mireuksa, A Baekje Period Temple of the Future Buddha Maitreya
    Advisor: Lisa Florman
  • Breeanne Jackson, Environment&Natural Resources
    Disturbance, connectivity, and scale: the role of wildfire in shaping structure and function of stream-riparian ecosystems in Yosemite National Park, California, USA
    Advisor: Mazeika Sullivan
  • Huayang Liu, Molecular Genetics
    Cell Proliferation Control: from Intrinsic Transcriptional Programs to Extrinsic Stromal Networks
    Advisor: Gustavo Leone
  • Jeffrey Vernon, History
    Solomon's Judgment: Baby M and the Struggle to Define Motherhood and Morality in Modern America
    Advisor: Judy Wu
  • April 28
  • Dan Schley, Psychology
    Symbolic-Number Mapping in Judgments and Decisions: A Correlational and Experimental Approach
    Advisor: Ellen Peters
  • Hsiaochi Chang, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Assessing Gene Flow in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) and Miscanthus spp.: Implications for Bioenergy Crops.
    Advisor: Allison Snow
  • Randee Hunter, Anthropology
    Variation in Cortical Osteocyte Lacunar Density and Distribution: Implications for Bone Quality Assessment
    Advisor: Clark Larsen
  • Daniel Clark, Biomedical Engineering
    Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer and Quantitative MRI Methods: Applications for Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Injury
    Advisor: Michael Knopp
  • Jeongsoo Pyo, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Different literacies in different contexts of use: Case studies of transitional Korean adolescentsí literacy practices
    Advisor: Alan Hirvela
  • Jason Cox, Arts Admin, Education & Policy
    Educational Communities, Arts-Based Inquiry, & Role-Playing: An American Freeform Exploration with Professional & Pre-Service Art Educators
    Advisor: Christine Ballengee-Morris
  • Wenjuan Bi, History
    The Divisive Elites: State Penetration and Local Autonomy in Late Qing and Republican Periods
    Advisor: Christopher Reed
  • Dries Vandorpe, Theatre
    The Archaeology of Liveness
    Advisor: Stratos Constantinidis
  • April 29
  • Joseph Ewing, Mechanical Engineering
    The Effect of Patient-Specific Ligament Properties on Simulations of the TKA Knee
    Advisor: Robert Siston
  • Anupama Sukhu, Consumer Sciences
    Transcendent Experience: Role of Emotional Intelligence in Customer Experience
    Advisor: Soobin Seo
  • Urszula Szafruga, Physics
    Wavelength Dependent Strong Field Interactions with Atoms and Molecules
    Advisor: Louis DiMauro
  • Chih-Liang Lin, Music
    Helmut Lachenmann's Concept of Sound in My Music
    Advisor: Jan Radzynski
  • Justin Wilmes, Slavic&East Euro Langs&Cltrs
    Projecting Social Concerns: Auteur Cinema in the Putin Era
    Advisor: Yana Hashamova
  • Seth Hennon, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Structural and functional studies of the Escherichia coli YidC
    Advisor: Ross Dalbey
  • Yue Zhang, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Phylogenetics of Neoplagiaulacidae (Multituberculata, Mammalia), and Diet Reconstruction on Cimolodontan Multituberculates
    Advisor: John Hunter
  • April 30
  • Woon Gi Yeo, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Terahertz Spectroscopic Characterization and Imaging for Biomedical Applications
    Advisor: Kubilay Sertel
  • Yon-Soo Kang, Education:Teaching & Learning
    The Role of Prewriting Discussion in L2 Writing: A Qualitative Study of Intermediate L2 Korean Learners
    Advisor: Alan Hirvela
  • Spencer Debenport, Plant Pathology
    Advisor: Brian McSpadden-Gardener
  • May 1
  • Lizabeth Goldstein, Psychology
    Cognitive Therapy for Depression Provided by Novice and Expert Therapists: Comparison of Skill Acquisition and Patient Outcomes
    Advisor: Daniel Strunk
  • Zhengyu Hu, Statistics
    Initializing the EM algorithm for data clustering and sub population detection
    Advisor: Steve MacEachern
  • Robert Lull, Communication
    Do Sex and Violence Sell? The Effects of Violent Advertisements, Sexual Programs, and Program/Advertisement Congruity on Brand Memory, Brand Attitudes, and Product Selection
    Advisor: Brad Bushman
  • May 4
  • Andrew Yoak, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Disease control through fertility control: explorations in two urban systems
    Advisor: Ian Hamilton
  • May 6
  • Maria Casas, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Characterization of flavonoid specialized metabolism in maize
    Advisor: Erich Grotewold
  • Shuai Shao, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Design and Optimization of Passive UHF RFID Tag Antenna for Mounting on or inside Material Layers
    Advisor: Robert Burkholder
  • May 11
  • Spencer Tyce, History
    German Conquistadors and Venture Capitalists: The Welser Companyís Commercial Experiment in 16th Century Venezuela and the Caribbean World
    Advisor: Stephanie Smith

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