Dissertation Defenses

  • October 14
  • Katherine Mejia Guerra, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Characterization of Maize Gene Regulatory Grid's Building Blocks
    Advisor: Erich Grotewold
  • October 16
  • Naser Sedaghati, Computer Science & Engineering
    Performance Optimization of Memory-Bound Programs on Data Parallel Architectures
    Advisor: P. Sadayappan
  • October 20
  • Tammy Moore, Nursing
    A Pilot Study to Evaluate Use of a Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse to Improve Hospital to Home Transitions Outcomes
    Advisor: Bernadette Melnyk
  • Katherine Bovee, Mechanical Engineering
    Optimal control of Electrified Powertrains with the Use of Drive Quality Criteria
    Advisor: Giorgio Rizzoni
  • Rachelle Speth, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Controlling the Development of Coherent Structures of High Speed Jets and the Resultant Near Field
    Advisor: Datta Gaitonde
  • Thomas Henshaw, Rural Sociology

    Advisor: Jeff Sharp
  • October 21
  • Michael Beilke, Chemistry
    The Development o Nanomaterials and Greener Methods for Separation Science
    Advisor: Susan Olesik
  • October 22
  • Michael Crawley, Mechanical Engineering
    Understanding the Aeroacoustic Radiation Sources and Mechanisms in High-Speed Jets
    Advisor: Mohammad Samimy
  • October 23
  • Xiao Su, Geodetic Science
    Variations of Continental Ice Sheets Combining Satellite Gravimetry and Altimetry
    Advisor: CK Shum
  • October 29
  • David Hooper, Kinesiology
    Pathogenesis and Symptomology of the Exercise Hypogonadal Male Condition
    Advisor: William Kraemer
  • November 9
  • Michael Nau, Sociology
    Accounting for Uncertainty: Financial Instability and Economic Inequality
    Advisor: Rachel Dwyer
  • November 16
  • Yinghao Sun, Psychology
    Constructing a Misspecified Item Response Model That Yields a Specified Estimate and Specified Model Misfit Value
    Advisor: Michael Edwards
  • November 20
  • Joshua Wieting, Chemistry
    Silanediol-Catalyzed Stereoselective Functionalization of Heterocycles
    Advisor: Anita Mattson
  • November 30
  • Pandeli Kazaqi, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Three Exxays in the Economics of Migration and Education
    Advisor: Alessandra Faggian

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