Dissertation Defenses

  • May 25
  • Leticia Wiggins, History
    Planting the "Uprooted Ones:" La Raza in the Midwest, 1970-1979
    Advisor: Lilia Fernandez
  • May 26
  • Zachary Kenitzer, City and Regional Planning
    Why Plans Fail: Implementation and the fole of Experience, Expectations, and Externalities
    Advisor: Jennifer Cowley
  • Yu Kyoung Cho, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Melphalan in Multiple Myeloma Patients to Predict Clinical Adverse Outcomes
    Advisor: A. Phelps
  • Keith Skowronski, Business Administration
    Managing Manufacturing Outsourcing Relationships
    Advisor: W. C. Benton
  • Jeffrey Parker, Slavic&East Euro Langs&Cltrs
    Invlectional complexity and cognitive processing : an experimental and courpus-based investigation of Russian nouns
    Advisor: Andrea Sims
  • May 27
  • Allison Nicoletti, Accounting and Management Info
    The Effects of Auditors and Regulators on Bank Financial Reporting: Evidence from Loan Loss Provisions
    Advisor: Anne Beatty
  • Shuting Zhao, Biomedical Engineering
    Bioinspired Multiscale Biomaterials for Cell-Based Medicine
    Advisor: Xiaoming (Shawn) He
  • May 31
  • Reham Aljeeran, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Role of Socio-Cultural Factors in Faculty Members' Acceptance of Moodle at GUST
    Advisor: Richard Voithofer
  • Melissa Weber-Mayrer, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Early Childhood Professional Development: An Experimental Study of Critical Factors of Adult Learning Theory
    Advisor: Shayne Piasta
  • June 1
  • Cecelia Miller, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Discovery and Functional Interrogation of Biomarkers Related to Therapeutic Response in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
    Advisor: John Byrd
  • Tracee Perryman-Stewart, Social Work
    Examining the Associations between Racial Socialization and Violence Initiation: Implications for Urban
    Advisor: Tamara Davis
  • June 2
  • Hao Ding, Computer Science & Engineering
    Multi-Omics Data Analysis
    Advisor: Raghu Machiraju
  • Wendy Fergusson, History
    Unheard Voices and Unseen Fights: Jews, Segregation, and Higher Education in the South, 1910-1964
    Advisor: Robin Judd
  • Allison Brogan, Theatre
    Performance and Visibility in a Post-9/11 World: The Representation of Arab American Women in Plays, Solo Performance, and Stand-Up Comedy
    Advisor: Joy Reilly
  • June 3
  • Samartha Channagiri, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Multiscale characterization of aging mechanisms in commercial LiFePO4 battery cathodes
    Advisor: David McComb
  • Alan Wang, Chemical Engineering
    Clean Coal Chemical Looping Technology: curing, thermoplasticity of bituminous coal and solid sorbent reactivation for CO2 capture
    Advisor: Liang-Shih Fan
  • June 6
  • Alexander Heeren, Environment&Natural Resources
    Identifying the Problem or Identifying the Solution? The Role of Motivated Reasoning and Identity Politics in Environmental Science
    Advisor: Eric Toman
  • Tate Steidley, Sociology
    Movements, Malefactions, and Munitions: Determinants and Effects of Concealed Carry Laws in the United States
    Advisor: Andrew Martin
  • Ted Dickinson, Communication
    A Proposed Model of In-Game Advertising Effects
    Advisor: David Ewoldsen
  • June 8
  • David B Wandera, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Meaning Across Difference: Exploring Intercultural Communication Strategies in An Alaska-Kenya Collaboration
    Advisor: Valerie Kinloch
  • June 9
  • David Gonzalez, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Development of a Semi-Lagrangian Methodology for Jet Aeroacoustics Analysis
    Advisor: Datta Gaitonde
  • Shi Wang, Mathematics
    Barycentric Straightening, Splitting Rank and Bounded Cohomology
    Advisor: Jean-Francois Lafont
  • June 10
  • Cameron Shriver, History
    The Role of Security in Imperial Politics in Eighteenth-Century Myaamionki and Inokinki
    Advisor: Margaret Newell
  • Po-hsu Chen, Statistics
    Modeling Multivariate Simulator Outputs with Applications to Prediction and Sequential Pareto Minimization
    Advisor: Thomas Santner
  • Jennifer Lundine, Speech and Hearing Science
    The Language of Learning: Cognition, Language, and Expository discourse
    Advisor: Rebecca McCauley
  • June 15
  • Luv Sharma, Business Administration
    Examining the impact of hospital technology and administrative innovation on performance: An econometric investigation
    Advisor: Aravind Chandrasekaran
  • June 16
  • Ayse Baltacioglu, History
    Safavid Conversion Propaganda in Ottoman Antolia and the Ottoman Reaction, 1440s-1630s
    Advisor: Jane Hathaway
  • Jiaqing Huang, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy
    Advisor: Yuejie Chi
  • June 17
  • Yuxi Zhao, Geography
    Entreprenurship and commodified nature: amenity-led transitions in forested communities
    Advisor: Darla Munroe
  • June 30
  • Rachel Ralston, Communication
    Motivation activation and the EPPM: Exploring real-time fear appeal processing
    Advisor: Nancy Rhodes
  • July 5
  • Sushant More, Physics
    Improving Predictions with Reliable Extrapolation Schemes and Better Understanding of Factorization
    Advisor: Richard Furnstahl
  • July 6
  • Julia Elmer, City and Regional Planning
    Reinventing the Rust Belt: Welcoming Economies, Immigrant Entrepreurship, and Urban Resilience
    Advisor: Bernadette Hanlon
  • July 7
  • Garrett Somers, Astronomy
    Lithium Depletion in Solar-Type Stars: From the Pre-Main Sequence to the Age of the Sun
    Advisor: Marc Pinsonneault
  • July 8
  • Alejandro Pina Ortega, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Modeling and Analysis of Asymmetries in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
    Advisor: Longya Xu
  • July 14
  • Christopher Erlinger, Greek and Latin
    How Eunuchs Work: Eunuchs as a Narrative Device in Greek and Roman Literature
    Advisor: Benjamin Acosta-Hughes
  • July 15
  • Cedric Lee, Electrical and Computer Engine
    A Wireless, Fully-Passive Recorder for Medical Applications
    Advisor: John Volakis
  • July 28
  • Teresa Kouri, Philosophy
    Logical Pluralism
    Advisor: Stewart Shapiro

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