Dissertation Defenses

  • July 6
  • Kristina Garvin, English
    Past and Future States: The Cultural Work of the Serial in U.S. Literature, 1786-1815
    Advisor: Elizabeth Hewitt
  • Mucahid Kutlu, Computer Science & Engineering
    Advisor: Gagan Agrawal
  • Stephen Nogar, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Comprehensive Modeling And Control Of Flexible Flapping Wing Air Vehicles
    Advisor: Jack McNamara
  • Zhicao Feng, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Galvanic Corrosion of Coated Al Alloy Panel with Noble Fasteners
    Advisor: Gerald Frankel
  • Royston Quintyn, Chemistry
    Applying Tandem Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Ion Mobility to probe the Structure of Non-Covalent Protein Complexes and their Interactions with Ligands, Peptides and other Proteins
    Advisor: Vicki Wysocki
  • July 7
  • Fabian Benitez-Quiroz, Electrical and Computer Engine

    Advisor: Aleix Martinez
  • Lyvia Chriki, Psychology
    Characteristics of Worriers as a Function of Individual Differences in Effortful Control
    Advisor: Michael Vasey
  • Amber Baughman, Education:Phy Act & Ed Srvc
    Virtual Schools, Real Counselors: A Qualitative Examination of the Role and Practice of the Virtual School Counselor
    Advisor: James Moore, III
  • Karol Ramirez, Oral Biology
    Effect of Imipramine and Classical Benzodiazepines on Stress-induced Neuroimmune Dysregulation and Behavioral Alterations
    Advisor: John Sheridan
  • Mai Zheng, Computer Science & Engineering
    Advisor: Feng Qin
  • Carolyn Paisie, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Definition of mechanisms of mutation generation in tissues and embryonic stem cells of the constitutive Fhit knockout mouse
    Advisor: Kay Huebner
  • Kristy McCray, Kinesiology
    An Exploration of Knowledge and Attitudes About Sexual Assault Occurrence and Prevention Among Former Intercollegiate Athletes
    Advisor: Donna Pastore
  • Dmitry Tumin, Sociology
    Causation and Selection Perspectives on the Evolution of U.S. Marital Health Gaps
    Advisor: Zhenchao Qian
  • Tao Xiao, Public Health
    Bayesian Threshold Regression for Current Status Data with Informative Censoring
    Advisor: Michael Pennell
  • July 8
  • Bo Chen, Computer Science & Engineering
    Taming Interference Through Collaboration in Network Systems
    Advisor: Kannan Srinivasan
  • Jessy Defenderfer, Political Science
    Differences in Group Value Priorities and Their Impact on Political Candidate Support: A Consideration of Sex, Party, and Race
    Advisor: Kathleen McGraw
  • Rosemary Isoto, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Essays on Human Capital Investments and Microfinance in East African Agriculture
    Advisor: David Kraybill
  • Wonneken Wanske, Germanic Languages&Literatures
    Giving Birth and/to the New Science of Obstetrics: Fin-De-Siècle German Women Writers’ Perceptions of the Birthing Experience
    Advisor: Katra Byram
  • Xiaoyue Xia, Mathematics
    Advisor: Ovidiu Costin
  • July 9
  • Guangze Li, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Connectivity, Doping and Anisotropy in Highly Dense MgB2
    Advisor: Michael Sumption
  • Eric Schwartz, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    The Synthesis and Optimization of Bioactive Natural Products as Anticancer and Antileishmanial Agents
    Advisor: James Fuchs
  • Robey Patrick, Spanish & Portuguese
    Translating Arabic Wisdom in the Court of Alfonso X, El Sabio
    Advisor: Jonathan Burgoyne
  • Pielah Kim, Fashion and Retail Studies
    A New Approach to Co-branding: Visual Artist and Fashion Retailer Ingredient Branding and Hedonic Brand Extension
    Advisor: Leslie Stoel
  • Rachel Tumin, Public Health
    The prevalence of family meals and mealtime practices among adults and their association with health outcomes
    Advisor: Sarah Anderson
  • Megan Miller, Educational Studies
    Implementing Precision Teaching with Students Diagnosed with Moderate to Severe Disabilities
    Advisor: Helen Malone
  • Adam Rappold, Greek and Latin
    The Shadow of the Polis: A Synchronic and Diachronic Examination of the Skira Festival in Athens
    Advisor: Sarah Johnston
  • Sophia Longman, Business Administration
    ntellectual Assets and Corporate Finance
    Advisor: Michael Weisbach
  • Stuart Benton, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Capitalizing on Convective Instabilities in a Streamwise Vortex-Wall Interaction
    Advisor: Jeffrey Bons
  • Yang Song, Chemistry
    Protein Primary and Quaternary Structure Elucidation by Mass Spectrometry
    Advisor: Vicki Wysocki
  • Xu Zhang, Biomedical Engineering
    Development of A Microengineered Approach for Quantitative Assessment of Intercellular Communication in Cell Doublets and Microscale Tissue Models
    Advisor: Yi Zhao
  • Eric Coleman, Chemistry
    Robust Pt-based Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell Application
    Advisor: Anne Co
  • July 10
  • Ting-hsiang Hung, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Novel High-k Dielectric Enhanced III-Nitride Devices
    Advisor: Siddharth Rajan
  • Zhaomin Chen, Chemistry
    Human Liver Metastases: Chemometrics of Imaging FTIR Data
    Advisor: James Coe
  • Jamie Schiff, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Co-planning and Co-teaching in Early Childhood Licensure Programs
    Advisor: Melinda Rhoades
  • Kathleen Powers, Political Science
    Beyond Identity: Social Relations for International Conflict and Cooperation
    Advisor: Richard Herrmann
  • Zhangxian Deng, Mechanical Engineering
    Nonlinear Modeling and Characterization of the Villari Effect and Model-guided Developement of Magnetostrictive Energy Harvesters and Dampers
    Advisor: Marcelo Dapino
  • Katherine Mollohan, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Student Epistemologies and Scientific Reasoning Among Undergraduate Science Students
    Advisor: Lin Ding
  • Emily Levy, Educational Studies
    Programming for Generative Receptive Language in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Matrix Training Approach
    Advisor: Diane Sainato
  • James Douglass, Microbiology
    Microbial diversity of atrazine biodegradation in agricultural fields, pesticide spill sites and a wetland
    Advisor: Olli Tuovinen
  • Danny Liu, Chemistry
    Characterization of Next Generation Lithium-ion Battery Materials Through Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Neutron-Based Methods
    Advisor: Anne Co
  • Woo Hwa Koh, Business Administration
    Essays on the cross-section of returns
    Advisor: Lu Zhang
  • July 13
  • Rory Weier, Public Health
    Life’s Simple 7 and The Relationship between Geographic Food Access and Life’s Simple 7 Healthy Diet Score in Two U.S. Populations Facing Cardiovascular Disease- and Cancer-Related Health Disparities
    Advisor: Electra Paskett
  • Kadri Parris, Civil Engineering
    Advisor: William Wolfe
  • Sheng Dong, Mechanical Engineering
    Friction and Wear Reduction via Ultrasonic Lubrication
    Advisor: Marcelo Dapino
  • Sarah Douglas, History
    The Price of Pestilence: England’s response to the Black Death in the face of the Hundred Years War
    Advisor: John Guilmartin
  • Darryl Marois, Environment&Natural Resources
    Modeling Wetland Biogeochemistry and Restoration
    Advisor: William Mitsch
  • July 14
  • Diana Norden, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Astrocyte Mediated Regulation of Activated Microglia: Implications for Exaggerated Microglial Activation in Aged Mice Following Peripheral Inflammatory Challenge
    Advisor: Jonathan Godbout
  • Jenna Tague, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Conceptions of Rate of Change: A View in Middle School, High School, and Undergraduate
    Advisor: Azita Manouchehri
  • Krista Cunningham, Chemistry
    Innovations en Route to Muironolide A
    Advisor: Craig Forsyth
  • Luis Herrera, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Modeling and control of power electronics based dc networks
    Advisor: Jin Wang
  • Chad Malone, Sociology
    Behind the Drug Wars: Determinants and Consequences of State Crack and Powder Cocaine Laws, 1976 – 2011
    Advisor: Ryan King
  • Jacob Wenger, Entomology
    The Population Genetics of Adaptive Evolution and Control of Biotypic Virulence in North American Soybean Aphids (Aphis glycines)
    Advisor: Andrew Michel
  • Shinya. Horie, Economics
    Essay on Political Economy of Public Procurement
    Advisor: Gene Mumy
  • David Hsu, Environmental Science
    Wetlands: Ecosystem Service and Public Health Implication
    Advisor: Jiyoung Lee
  • Sara Rossini, Germanic Languages&Literatures
    “Wie kommts, daß es mit den Philanthropinen so gar nicht fort will?”: Die Kritik an den Erziehungsmethoden der Philanthropen in fiktionalen Texten der Aufklärung.
    Advisor: Bernhard Fischer
  • Charlotte Eschenbrenner, Education:Phy Act & Ed Srvc
    Comparing Urban, Suburban, and Rural School Psychology: Professional Roles, Job Satisfacation and Perceptions of Job Challenges Based on Practice Setting
    Advisor: Antoinette Miranda
  • Mark Scott, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Applications, Benefits, and Challenges of Wide Bandgap Based Power Inversion
    Advisor: Jin Wang
  • Adam Hasinski, Psychology
    The Influence of Prediction and Perception on Learning and Memory
    Advisor: Per Sederberg
  • July 15
  • ChangKyoo Park, Welding Engineering
    Development of Precise Femtosecond Laser Micromachining Processes for Metals and Electrospun Nanofibers
    Advisor: Dave Farson
  • Jeffrey Ouellette, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Topics in Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture Using L-Band Radar
    Advisor: Joel Johnson
  • Shan Wu, Horticulture and Crop Science
    The roles of OVATE and other elongation genes in proximal-distal patterning of tomato fruit
    Advisor: Esther Van der Knaap
  • Delia Fernandez, History
    From Spanish-Speaking to Latino: Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in West Michigan, 1924-1978
    Advisor: Lilia Fernandez
  • Joshua Wu, Political Science
    Presidential Use of Divine Election Rhetoric in Foreign Policy Crises
    Advisor: Christopher Gelpi
  • Kimberly Hughes, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Exploring The Impacts of Coach-Teacher Interactions
    Advisor: Patricia Brosnan
  • Molly Sharp, Communication
    Merchandise and Media Effects: Young Girls' Fantasy Play with Disney Princess Dolls
    Advisor: Susan Kline
  • Qi Liu, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Roles of Intersubunit Bridges of the Ribosome in Translation Initiation and Elongation
    Advisor: Kurt Fredrick
  • Sarah Beganyi, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Utilizing soil characteristics, tissue residues, invertebrate exposures and invertebrate community analyses to evaluate a lead-contaminated site: A shooting range case study
    Advisor: Roman Lanno
  • Matt Schoene, Sociology
    Transnational Social Movement Activism in the New Urban World
    Advisor: Rachel Dwyer
  • Valerie Heiss, Kinesiology
    The Effect of a Behavioral Intervention on Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity Among Overweight and Obesity Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
    Advisor: Rick Petosa
  • Mehmet Kurt, Computer Science & Engineering
    Fault-Tolerant Programming Models and Computing Frameworks
    Advisor: Gagan Agrawal
  • Travis Mountain, Family Resource Management
    Life Insurance and Financial Vulnerablity
    Advisor: Sherman Hanna
  • Michele Bigger, Horticulture and Crop Science
    Greening the Highways: Out-plant survival and growth of deciduous trees in stressful environments
    Advisor: David Gardner
  • Randall Romero Aguilar, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Essays on the World Food Crisis: An Assessment of Policy Options
    Advisor: Mario Miranda
  • Ryan Folk, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Biosystematics of the Genus Heuchera
    Advisor: John Freudenstein
  • Zhun Zhou, Chemistry
    Molecular Recognition Using Synthetic polymers: From Drug delivery to Nucleic acid Hybridization
    Advisor: Dennis Bong
  • July 16
  • Jayne Kim, Biomedical Engineering
    Mechanical Regulation of Burn Wound Scarring
    Advisor: Heather Powell
  • Xin Xia, Chemistry
    Bifacial Peptide Nucleic Acid (bPNA) - Nucleic Acid Hybrid Triplex System as Biological Function Regulator, and Structural Scaffold for SELEX
    Advisor: Dennis Bong
  • Desmond Bourgeois, Welding Engineering
    Dissimilar Metal Welds for Subsea Service Under Cathodic Protection
    Advisor: Boian Alexandrov
  • Jason Morgan, Political Science
    Essays on Party System Institutionalization in East-Central Europe
    Advisor: Janet Box-Steffensmeier
  • Margaret Solic, History
    A Nation Against Itself: Domestic Violence, Feminism, and the State, 1968-1994
    Advisor: Judy Wu
  • Yicheng Long, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Characterization of the Diverse Functions of a Family of 3'-5' Reverse Polymerases
    Advisor: Jane Jackman
  • Yue Jin, Public Health
    Ending Tobacco Sales in Pharmacies: A Comprehensive Evaluation on Tobacco-free Pharmacy Laws
    Advisor: Amy Ferketich
  • Ryan Bell, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    The Role of Pheromones in the Sexual Communication of the Wolf Spider, Schizocosa ocreata (Araneae, Lycosidae)
    Advisor: J. Andrew Roberts
  • Sarah Fritz, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Molecular basis of the DExH-box RNA helicase RNA helicase A (RHA/DHX9) in eukaryotic protein synthesis
    Advisor: Kathleen Boris-Lawrie
  • Ling Wang, Public Health
    Retail Environment Features that Affect Smoking Behavior in China
    Advisor: Amy Ferketich
  • Brid Arthur, History of Art
    Envisioning Lhasa: 17th- 20th century paintings of Tibet's sacred city
    Advisor: Karl Whittington
  • Anna Belyaevskaya, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    T box riboswitch gene regulation in the phylum Actinobacteria
    Advisor: Tina Henkin
  • Eun Bin Chung, Political Science
    Overcoming the History Problem: Group-Affirmation and Trust in International Relations
    Advisor: Richard Herrmann
  • Junnan Gu, OSU Nutrition Program
    Assessment of Black Raspberries for Prostate Cancer: Product Development for Clinical Intervention and Preclinical Study for Mechanism Investigation
    Advisor: Yael Vodovotz
  • Ting Xiao, Business Administration
    Highlighting the role of knowledge linkages for innovation outcomes
    Advisor: Jaideep Anand
  • Carlos Montoya, Civil Engineering
    Advisor: William Wolfe
  • July 17
  • Bardia Nikrahei, City and Regional Planning
    Advisor: Jack Nasar
  • Cassie Patterson, English
    Reflections from Elsewhere: Ambivalence, Recuperation, and Empathy in Moral Geographies of Appalachian Ohio
    Advisor: Amy Shuman
  • Tao Yang, Mathematics
    Geometric realization of Hopf cyclic cohomology classes of bicrossed product Hopf algebras
    Advisor: Henri Moscovici
  • Changdong Wei, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Applications of Diffusion Multiples to Spatially-resolved Properties Measurements and Exploration of Stable Precipitates for High-temperature Steels
    Advisor: Ji-Cheng Zhao
  • Scott Goodman, Electrical and Computer Engine
    A Novel Approach to Remove Undesired Field Perturbation Effects on Measurements Made in an Antenna Measurement Range
    Advisor: Robert Burkholder
  • Andrea McCue, Molecular Genetics
    Transposable element RNAi goes beyond post-transcriptional silencing: mRNA-derived small RNAs both regulate genes and initiate DNA methylation
    Advisor: Richard Slotkin
  • Seongsu Jeong, Geodetic Science
    Time Series Reconstruction of Surface Flow Velocity on Marine-terminating Outlet Glaciers
    Advisor: Ian Howat
  • July 20
  • Garrett Noble, Biomedical Engineering
    Evaluation of a Press-Fit, Percutaneous, Skeletally-Anchored Endoprosthesis for Prosthetic Limb Attachment: Initial Implant Seating, Bone Response, and the Effect of Low Intensity Vibration
    Advisor: Richard Hart
  • August 13
  • Christopher Clifford, Mechanical Engineering
    Physics and Flow Control of a NACA 0015 in Fully-Reversed Condition
    Advisor: Mohammad Samimy
  • August 17
  • Yuanxin Chen, Chemical Engineering
    Polymer Membranes for Flue Gas Carbon Capture and Fuel Cell Application
    Advisor: W.S. Ho
  • August 18
  • Uttara Manohar, Communication
    Effective Support Provision for Coping with Everyday Incidents of Racial Discrimination: An Assessment of Emotional Support and Social Identity Affirmation Support
    Advisor: Susan Kline

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